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About Green Labs

The University of Georgia Green Labs program is committed to making UGA research labs more sustainable and efficient by reducing resource use, decreasing waste, and implementing best practices and technologies. Research laboratories have a substantial environmental footprint, using up to 10 times the resources of a classroom or office, and generating an estimated 25 times the waste. Researchers can reduce their environmental and social impact by embracing Green Labs initiatives. In addition to improving research processes, participants also benefit from prolonging the life of research equipment, better protecting research samples, and experiencing advantages in funding their research. This program was created by scientists for scientists and hopes to improve upon our research standards here at UGA.

UGA Green Labs Task Force

The UGA Green Labs program was recommended in 2015 by the UGA Green Labs Task Force, a group of 14 UGA stakeholders composed of UGA faculty, staff and a student. It included members from the Office of the Vice President for Research, Facilities Management Division, Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Veterinary Medicine, and the Environmental Safety Division. In 2016, Facilities Management Division created a position to coordinate the program, housed within FMD’s Safety team; and conveniently located in the same division with UGA’s Energy Services, Engineering, Sanitation Services, and the Office of Sustainability.

Read more about the creation of this program in the Advisory Report of the UGA Green Labs Task Force  published on May 8, 2015.


Image of Star Scott.

Star Scott, Program Manager

With a background in wildlife biology and ecology, Star Scott spent nearly a decade as a Research Professional in conservation-driven research at the University of Georgia (UGA) prior to joining the Office of Research Safety as a Chemical Safety Specialist.  During this time, she developed and advocated for a Green Labs program at UGA.  In 2016, the program was created with Star as the Green Labs Program Coordinator. Star is passionate about conservation, sustainability, and research. 

She is a member of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (I2SL)Laboratory Waste Landfill Diversion Working Group, the I2SL  University Alliance Group, the Campus Safety, Health, and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA) Environmental and Sustainability Community of Practice, and the Bringing Efficiency to Research (BETR) Grants Working Group.  Star is the CSHEMA representative for The Higher Education Associations Sustainability Consortium (HEASC), as well as the co-vice president and a founding member of the Georgia Chapter of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories.

Partners & Resources 

The UGA Green Labs program has been fortunate to collaborate with remarkable National and International partners in our efforts to make our campus research spaces more sustainable.

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